The 9th event of the MarbleLympics 2017! This time the Steeplechase! (like Horse Jumping)
Each team must descend a short sand course which has
5 obstacles with mikado sticks. The marbles may not
knock off the sticks, stop or escape the track.
The total of the best 3 marbles will be counted.

MarbleLympic Record 40.89 sec (total of best 3)

The next event will be the Archery, it will be uploaded on 12 August, some days later because it requires a lot of video editing.

The MarbleLympics are the Olympic Games for marbles where 16 teams of 4 marbles each will compete to win medals.

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The image quality isn't perfect, this is because the battery of my main camera was broken. I use 2 different cams instead.

For which team are you rooting for?

Wiki: http://marblelympics.wikia.com/


Commentary: Greg Woods (F1FanWoodsie)
Video editing: Jelle Bakker
Grammar and scoring check-ups: TJ Gi, Dion Bakker (my brother) and Mark Oakley

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