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Some background on I have always used Adidas because I like their relative firmness. I have worn 11.5 in as well. I am 6'0" and weigh 160lbs. I about 10 miles a week on and off simply for fitness. I am a heel striker!

I decided to try these UA they were incredibly light, good looking, very neutral, and slightly more cushioned than the typical I perfectly in an so they seem to a little big.

Once I started I noticed that are made strictly for so they have virtually no lateral support, making them non-ideal trainers/multipurpose are very comfortable, molding easily to the foot, they are very breathable: the upper is a two piece design (The toebox and tongue are a thin polyester slip that hugs the without restricting and the and laces are separate from stronger material.) that makes for a very I have that the cup in UA rises higher onto the Achilles tendon so I had to wear taller socks.

They have held up well after 3 weeks of constant and I love both walking and in them.

I wouldn't hesitate to to a friend. 


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