12 अगस्‍त 2017 को नही होगी रात... जानिए किया है सच || Amazing Science Facts https://goo.gl/MRfD42

A news and message on the Internet is becoming viral, which said that on August 12, 2017, the world will be lit up like night in the night. The entire space will be full of light. NASA also claimed this miracle for the first time in history. Investigating this viral claim ...
What happened viral
 Viral message is being claimed that on August 12, 2017, there will be daylight in space in the night. NASA has confirmed it. This day is very amazing for mankind. Do not miss a chance to see this light on the night of August 12.
 According to another viral message linked to this, for the first time in 96 years, for the first time on August 12, there will be no night. It will be fully bright like 24 hours a day. The sky will be the most spectacular meteor shower in history. People who do not see this can be a big loss.
The truth that came out in our investigation
In viral messages, claims are being done by NASA, so to know the truth, we first started searching for the report related to NASA's website.
 After discovering enough, we received information about falling meteor showers on the night of August 12 on NASA's site.

 According to the report on NASA's site, there will be meteor shower on 12th August. This will look a little bright in the night. But, this will not be the most light meteorite in history so far.
 Let us know that there are three major metroor shells each year. The first of these showers is seen in January, the second Shower Parseed in August and the last show in the month of Jamminids December.
Investigation Result: This claim being done on social media is half true and half false
 The true claim of viral messages is that on August 12 there will be meteor shower. This will look a little bright in the night. However, the claim of having the most light meteor in its history so far and therefore, the claim of complete lighting like day in the night of August 12 is false.

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