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Plantar Fasciitis – What Is It? How Do You Get It?

Often called joggers heel, Plantar Fasciitis is a very common painful problem that affects the feet, specifically the heel and the very underside of the foot. People who suffer from this disorder often complain of stabbing pains when they run or walk. The pain typically is around where the bone and ligament come together in the foot. When this area gets inflamed, has scaring, or any kind of structural breakdown, this will affect the plantar fascia within the foot and that is when the issue shows itself. At first, people thought that this was all just down to places in your foot getting inflamed. Research has now shown that more than likely what is happening is there is a breakdown of tissue or change in structure to the foot which is causing the problem. Academics have renamed the condition as Plantar Fasciitis which is what we know it by today.

Heel pain is awful and often times debilitating. The most common cause of this pain is a plantar fascia injury known as Plantar Fasciitis or (PL). Numbers range, but it is said that at least 10 percent of people have had this condition at a given point in time.

If you have ever had this condition, you will know that the pain in your heal from PL is usually the very worst when you first wake up and get out of bed. That changes when you start running! Runners typically have the most issues with the foot when it bends toward their shin causing pain in the central foot back to the heel. Runners tend to experience different pain because the Achilles tendon and muscles in the calf are usually very tight (remember to stretch), and these are what are attached to the back part of the plantar fascia.

This still begs the question of what causes plantar fasciitis and this pain people are experiencing with PL. Runners want to know and so do you! Below are some of the reasons that you may run into this condition:

Your feet are flat meaning you do not have very much arch in your feet
You are overweight or have gained a lot of weight recently
You walk, run, or stand for a long time on non soft surfaces
There is over pronation of your feet when you walk (they tend to roll inwards)
You have tight muscles in your calf of the Achilles tendon is tight 


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