What is Pronation?

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Anti-Pronation exercise

REPOSTED, with corrections*** This is an immensely important exercise. Despite what you have been told, it is possible to turn pronating ankles into strong, well ...

Tennis Serve: Pronation

http://www.webtennis.com/players/serve-course/ Tennis Serve: follow that link to discover the 5 simple secrets to unlocking your ability to naturally pronate to get ...

What Is Overpronation

Overpronation is a common foot ailment among joggers. Excessive overpronation or over pronation is easy to spot, the milder form may go unnoticed and yet still ...

Correcting Foot Pronation

Using a wedge is a great reflexive exercise to force your foot to develop an solid arch so that is does not fall down into pronation with the wedge.